24 strands of Living Well with Pain

There are many factors involved in living the best life you can whilst living with persistent pain.  I found that improving a range of factors not only helped reduce the levels of pain I experience, but also improved my outlook on life and my general emotional wellbeing.


The mindmap below shows the 24 strands that I think are important to consider and attend to in order to live a good life with pain.  I expect there are others that are important too.

Here are my 24 elements of Living Well with Pain, with each box linking to further information and resources.  Although they are numbered there is no intention that you should work through them one at a time, rather they are there for you to dip in and out of as your time and interest allows.

Click on the pictures to learn more about each strand

1. Embrace the 'new you'

2. Understand pain

3. Understand YOUR pain

4. Know your pain triggers

5. Make plans, set goals

6. Pace yourself

7. Track your progress

8. Improve your sleep

9. Manage health conditions

10. Move and exercise

11. Improve your nutrition

12. Support your mental health

13. Relax and be mindful

14. Do things you enjoy

15. Attend to life stressors

16. Access clinician support

17. Ask for, and accept help

18. Help others understand

19. Review medications

20. Make adaptations, use aids

21. Return to work / education

22. Engage and socialise

23. Volunteer / help others

24. Explore resources

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