Before I could develop pain management methods, I first had to try and recognise what was triggering my pain.  This wasn’t an easy process, particularly as my pain is so variable, but for me slowly identifying what was triggering or aggravating my pain was a process well worth going through.   Once I understood these factors then I could  pro-actively work out how to avoid them, or at least minimise them. 


Although I can’t get rid of my chronic pain, through careful thought I have been able to learn to understand what affects my pain from both external factors (eg cold and lifting) and internal factors (eg stress).  Armed with that understanding I have been able to adapt my life and environment in order to minimise the pain and facilitate me coping with my situation and leading a fulfilling life, including being able to work part time.


I hope the descriptions below about how I worked out my pain triggers, and then went onto manage my pain better may prove helpful.

My thoughts

A visual approach to pain management

Click on the pictures to learn more about each strand

1. Embrace the 'new you'

2. Understand pain

3. Understand YOUR pain

4. Know your pain triggers

5. Make plans, set goals

6. Pace yourself

7. Track your progress

8. Improve your sleep

9. Manage health conditions

10. Move and exercise

11. Improve your nutrition

12. Support your mental health

13. Relax and be mindful

14. Do things you enjoy

15. Attend to life stressors

16. Access clinician support

17. Ask for, and accept help

18. Help others understand

19. Review medications

20. Make adaptations, use aids

21. Return to work / education

22. Engage and socialise

23. Volunteer / help others

24. Explore resources

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