I was perhaps lucky that following my injury I instinctively realised that I needed to keep moving.  At the time I could barely walk and I worked hard at trying to walk further and further each day.  Progress was slow, but nevertheless there was progress!  I am convinced that if I had stayed in my bed, which I very much wanted to do, that I would be in a much worse situation both then and now. 


Throughout my journey with pain I have tried to remain active.   For me there is a balance between the amount and type of exercise I can do, and the pain levels I experience.  That balance isn’t a constant and varies depending on what else is going on in my life, for example stress and work activities.


A couple of years ago I joined a gym, and paid for a personal trainer once a week.  Although I enjoyed that experience, and I am sure gained some physical strength, overall I found it harder to find that balance of pain and activity.  I learnt a great deal from my personal trainer, which I will take forward into the rest of my active life, but I have chosen to go back to being ‘generally active’ rather than using gym equipment.  It works better for me.


As I am not a physiotherapist or an exercise specialist in any way, I will let the people who are explain how best to move and exercise with persistent pain through the links and videos below.  

Niki's Cycling 'Recovery' Diary

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Exercises for chronic pain

Click on the pictures to learn more about each strand

1. Embrace the 'new you'

2. Understand pain

3. Understand YOUR pain

4. Know your pain triggers

5. Make plans, set goals

6. Pace yourself

7. Track your progress

8. Improve your sleep

9. Manage health conditions

10. Move and exercise

11. Improve your nutrition

12. Support your mental health

13. Relax and be mindful

14. Do things you enjoy

15. Attend to life stressors

16. Access clinician support

17. Ask for, and accept help

18. Help others understand

19. Review medications

20. Make adaptations, use aids

21. Return to work / education

22. Engage and socialise

23. Volunteer / help others

24. Explore resources

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