It took me a long time to realise that attending to my basic well-being could have a positive impact on my persistent pain condition.  Although good nutrition won’t eliminate chronic pain, it can reduce the extra stress on the body caused by poor nutrition. 


I have found that however hard I have tried that my activity levels are lower than pre-injury.  Combining this with an over-reliance on convenience foods caused me to gain weight, which undoubtedly must have increased mechanical stress on my body, thereby increasing my pain.  A few years ago I decided to lose significant weight in order to give my body the best chance it could have, and I have never looked back.   I try to maintain a healthy weight and a reasonably healthy diet as I believe it gives me the best chance of living well with my pain.  It’s certainly worth thinking about.


Although I haven’t been able to find any particular foods that have made my pain better or worse, I realise this is not the case for others.  I would recommend keeping a food diary in order to work out if there are any particular foods that are acting as triggers for your pain situation. 

I hope these resources will help you reflect on your nutrition and the value of improving it in order to hopefully improve your life with persistent pain.



Diet and nutrition

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1. Embrace the 'new you'

2. Understand pain

3. Understand YOUR pain

4. Know your pain triggers

5. Make plans, set goals

6. Pace yourself

7. Track your progress

8. Improve your sleep

9. Manage health conditions

10. Move and exercise

11. Improve your nutrition

12. Support your mental health

13. Relax and be mindful

14. Do things you enjoy

15. Attend to life stressors

16. Access clinician support

17. Ask for, and accept help

18. Help others understand

19. Review medications

20. Make adaptations, use aids

21. Return to work / education

22. Engage and socialise

23. Volunteer / help others

24. Explore resources

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